Monday, July 18, 2011

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My husband and I have been watching a lot of American Pickers and Pawn Stars lately.  And we've recently got a hankerin' to do a little pickin' ourselves.  In fact last weekend I had a two day Mega Pick at my friend's yard sale.  It was a bitter-sweet experience, as she and her husband are moving their three WONDERFUL boys (who are very close in age to my boys) out of state soon.  Sure, I scored a bunch of AWESOME play equipment, toys, books and even some coveted Legos for my boys.  But at the price of saying good-bye to a sweet family!  Among my loot is a really cool "hand cycle", for lack of a better description.  It's pictured below.  My oldest son LOVES it! He loves spinning in circles, going backwards and trying to make it up the slope of the driveway.  I've never seen anything like it and it's something I'd want to replace if it ever broke! However, I doubt I'll ever run across something like this again.

 Son #1 on the "hand cycle"

We are definitely developing our own methods of  hunting for good garage sales.  My husband likes to use his Garage Sale Rover app on his phone.  I'm a bit more old school.  I actually go out to the front porch, pick up the local newspaper and open it up to the classifieds section.  When it comes to actually finding the sale location we also have two different styles.  He likes to use his fancy smart phone GPS navigation and I like to use the back of my hand, because I know the streets of our town "like the back of my hand".  By the time his GPS loads the information, my keen sense of direction and mad navigation skillz could have had us there and back! 


Then there is always Free Stylin' ala Mike & Frank of American Pickers.  Only our method doesn't include looking for "rusty gold".  We scan the sale for anything that is NOT pink!  Being parents of boys, we have no need for anything pink.  If I see someone's front yard blanketed in pink fluff, as we do our drive-by-scout-out, I give the signal to my driver and we jet away to the next potential pick.

We are usually on the hunt for:  Legos, Little Tikes or Step 2 play equipment, outdoor play equipment, boys clothes, homeschooling supplies, educational books, and puzzles.

Do you have a preferred method of  pickin' or junkin'?  What are you usually on the hunt for? And what is the coolest/oddest item you've come across at a yard sale?


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